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Mega Contractor's rich history began in the late ‘60s as Hogan Construction, a residential and commercial remodeling contractor. With each successful project, capital resources grew and business focus developed. Soon, staff members were added to support the growing operation.

The continued success of Mega Contractors, Inc., since its organization in 1993, is based on the father-son team at its core, Richard Hogan I and Richard Hogan II. Family values are apparent in the business structure, and exemplified by the longevity of staff members with the company.

Today, Mega Contractor has a rich portfolio of government, state and municipal projects. With the desire to expand the company and to continue to move forward in the industry, Mega Contractor's bids regularly and aggressively in DFW and the surrounding areas, with a particular interest in the West Texas region.


President, Richard D Hogan I, learned early in life the satisfaction of an honest day’s work. Learning from his father, (a machinist and later a machine shop teacher), true pride in workmanship.

Working construction over the summer breaks, Dick’s drive and work ethic developed. Just a few short years after graduating high school, H&H construction was born, becoming the first stepping stone on his path to a successful career in the commercial construction industry.

Now, after having “done it all” in this industry, Dick’s expertise lies in contract law and negotiation. His eye for detail translates from the academic to the physical and can be seen in the beauty of the buildings he developed and owns in Fort Worth.

Vice President

Vice President, Richard D Hogan II, was born into a busy and growing construction environment. Like his father, Dicky worked construction on his summer breaks from school, even breaking away from the family business, early on, to develop new skills and a diverse set of building experiences. Dicky continues to keep Mega Contractor current with continuing education. His latest certification is for the Green Building Science, (through BPI).

Today, Dicky’s expertise lies in project management. His keen sense of time management and easy-going personality make him a natural leader on all of his projects.

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