Mega Contractors List of Services

Here you will find a brief and general description of the services
Mega Contractors, Inc., offers to each of our clients.

Contract Administration

Contract administration for Mega Contractors, Inc. is handled exclusively by RD Hogan I. Mega Contractors, Inc. will comply, in strict accordance, with the general contract presented by the owner. Requirements and restrictions set forth by the owner in the general contract will be conveyed by Mega Contractors, Inc. to all subcontractors contracted to perform on the project as specified in the general contract.

Management of Subcontractors and Suppliers

The superintendent designated by Mega Contractors, Inc. will manage the subcontractors on a daily basis, ensuring workmanship and timeliness. The superintendent on site will manage all suppliers and ensure organized and safe deliveries. In addition to the superintendent, the project manager and quality control person will, respectively, verify that supplies are ordered and delivered in accordance with the expected work-completion schedule and verify that shipments are complete and compliant with the stipulations of the general contract.

Time Management

The Project Coordinator, the Project Manager and the Superintendent for the project will compose a construction schedule in clear and plain language to be presented to both the Owner and all subcontractors. This schedule will layout performance expectations in 3 week increments and include a “look-ahead” schedule for the next 3 weeks. This construction schedule, in coordination with the management of subcontractors and suppliers, is not only designed for optimal financial results, but provides a clear and concise expectation of work to be completed, enhancing jobsite safety.

Cost Control

Upon contract award, a budget will be set and included in the aforementioned schedule. This portion of the schedule will only be available to authorized persons and the project owner. It is the goal of Mega Contractors, Inc. to keep the budget within 5% of the general contract provision. Time Management elements of setting and enforcing a strict schedule play a significant role in Budget Management. Additionally, team members and project management will find innovative ways to improve the project and maximize cost efficiency.

Quality Management

Mega Contractors, Inc. employs the use of a Quality Control representative on each of our jobsites. This individual is on-site throughout the project to ensure workmanship, material specifications of shipped materials, installation according to specification and storage of material specific to scheduled work as stated by the aforementioned Time Management tool. The individual executing the Quality Control responsibilities will also compose weekly reports and properly document all jobsite meetings. Mega Contractor strives to employ methods that are environmentally safe and sustainable.

Project Site Safety

It is the policy of Mega Contractors, Inc. to follow the standards set by OSHA and to include all additional safety measures as specified by the general contract, the more stringent guideline taking precedence. Weekly safety meetings are held on the jobsite with all performing subcontractors for that scheduled period and include all supervising personnel for Mega Contractors, Inc.

Managing Changes to the Project

Requests for Proposals and Information will be bound and copies kept by the main office of Mega Contractors, Inc. and the superintendent on the jobsite. These bound logs will be updated, as needed, with all documentation, dates, times and outcomes of these items. Change Orders will also be bound, copies given to both the jobsite superintendent and the main offices of Mega Contractors, Inc. The bound log for change orders will be updated as needed, noting all pertinent information and referencing the RFP/RFI log. It is not the policy of Mega Contractors, Inc., to advocate for contract change but will expedite Owner requested enhancements in the most cost effective manner available.

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